Augmenting the keyboard: new sensor techniques and hybrid acoustic-electronic piano

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Date(s) - April 11th, 2014
2:30 pm - 4:30 pm

Divisione Ricerca e Sviluppo, aula 110



This talk will present new techniques for enhancing the expressive capabilities of the traditional piano. Two new instruments will be presented: the magnetic resonator piano (MRP) and the TouchKeys. The MRP uses electromagnets to create vibrations in the strings of a grand piano, producing infinite sustain, crescendos, harmonics, pitch bends and new timbres, all created acoustically by the strings and soundboard. The TouchKeys add touch sensing to the surface of the keyboard, allowing the player to control the pitch and timbre of each note by moving the fingers on the key surfaces. The talk will also present results from a summer 2013 study at CSI by Jennifer MacRitchie and Andrew McPherson, using the TouchKeys and high-speed video to investigate expressive movement and key touch in performance.