Measuring the production and perception of dynamics on the 1788 harpsichord by Taskin

Led by: , Divisione Ricerca e Sviluppo

Collaborators: (The MARCS Institute, University of Western Sydney)

Experiment running from February 2013 to June 2014

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Taskin recording session

From historical sources such as François Couperin’s L’Art de Toucher le Clavecin (1716, revised edition 1717) and Jean-Philippe Rameau’s De la mechanique des doigts sur le clavessin (1724), we find details describing different types of touch that may be used in harpsichord performance. We suggest that the differences in tone described allude to small differences in dynamics that can be achieved with these two touches, and designed an experiment to test whether differences in dynamics were first acoustically producible, and second, perceivable. Studying a historical harpsichord by Taskin may also further approximate the possibility of dynamics in a harpsichord of this time period, particularly due to its peau de buffle register – an invention by Taskin specifically designed to increase dynamic differentiation on the harpsichord.

We recorded Giulia Nuti performing single tones and musical excerpts with different touches on the 1788 Taskin in February 2013 at the Museo Civico degli Strumenti Musicali, Castello Sforzesco, Milan. Below are examples of these recordings demonstrating the small but perceivable differences in sound possible.

Lower register, F2 soft touch

Lower register, F2, loud touch


Lower register, F5, soft touch

Lower register, F5, loud touch


Peau de buffle register, F2, soft touch

Peau de buffle register, F2, loud touch


Peau de buffle register, F5, soft touch

Peau de buffle register, F5, loud touch


We have also included recordings of the sound of the mechanism during the two touches by shifting the registers so the plectrum does not come into contact with the keys:

Mechanism noise, soft touch

Mechanism noise, loud touch


Further details about this study can be read here. (Link to paper soon to be added)