A new change to the Research Fridays series schedule

It is very sad for us to announce yet another change to this year’s Research Fridays series. Due to an overlapping of different activities and to the challenging task of organizing her life for a new and exciting job opportunity, Dr. Mine Dogantan-Dack has confirmed that she will be unable to give her lecture this year. Thus, the Research Friday titled “The singing hand: aesthetics of piano performance”, planned for Friday May 9th 2014, has been cancelled.

We certainly understand that with these new circumstances Dr. Dogantan-Dack is unable to share with us her insight on this interesting topic, and wish her all the best with her new position.

To our public we’d like to express our most sincere apologies, and would also like to extend the invitation to the remaining Research Fridays of the ongoing academic year:

Thank you for understanding.