Student projects

Starting in the academic year 2013-2014, the Divisione Ricerca e Sviluppo has decided to publish a selection of student papers that have been supervised by one or more members of the research team. At the Conservatorio, both BA and MA students must work on a final project that combines theory and practice. The project should be relevant to their study programme and their future careers; they usually consist of a public performance, a public conference, and a written paper.

The students project papers that are presented below are the ones that we find most connected to our work in the research department, and that better reflect the fruitful interaction between research and teaching. We’d like to note that the documents have been published “as-is”, with only small editorial interventions from our side (mainly aesthetic), and that the students have agreed for them to be featured in this website. We would also like to mention that a great variation in language may be found, as our school policy is to accept papers in Italian, German, French and English.


Francesca Bongiorni: Lezioni collettive di violoncello come strategia per lo sviluppo dell’intonazione e dell’external self
Giorgia Vitale: L’autoregolazione nello studio del pianoforte. Strategie per uno studio più efficace


Giacomo Brenna: Guida per l'arco
Laura Roggiani - La memorizzazione nella musica atonale
Kitty Tiet: La tendinite agli arti superiori del pianista: prevenirla, riconoscerla e curarla